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Kick back, relax, and enjoy a woman lording her power over your body. Public humiliation takes place in a number of different settings and for different reasons, but they primarily function as a method to make a submissive individual feel uncomfortable around strangers. Designed specifically to sexually entice, lingerie is a very popular fetish.

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It is practiced by a dominant woman over another person. X-dominatrix Site covers the following female domination fetishes: An intimate part of the human body, and often accentuated with makeup or eyewear, the eye holds special appeal to some people who get a deeper sexual satisfaction from the sight of them. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a woman lording her power over your body.

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The futanari fetish involves characters of mixed gender, generally female in appearance but with male genitalia. The eyes have long been fetishized throughout history.

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Also there're femdom and fetish stories inside. This may be sexual in nature or expanded to lifestyle play such as domestic servitude.

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