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Other examples of Chris's crude misconceptions about sex abound. Unless the sex act was abusive, hurtful, or Would result in an unwanted birth of a physical or mental challenged child, I would not judge or persecute the parent and child. In August 2011 , Chris said he is into female domination. This is, of course, blatant violation of the Christian value of marriage before sex.

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In his mind, Chris has mastered all there is to know about sex, and now regards himself as a bit of a guru. An update as of 24 April 2018 reveals Chris has stooped low enough to give a blow job or have anal sex with a furry for money, this however does not confirm if he is one. For example, he believed that Kacey would welcome a brutal tit-fucking followed by load after load of navy to the face.

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Christian professing his love for " Julie ". A year later, Chris's views became staunch.

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Chris-chan Sonichu is in many ways similar to a fursona. This is most likely because he goes to a very liberal church , so any question about premarital sex is probably interpreted quite liberally, and Chris believes that his church and only his church defines the entirety of religious morality - as it applies to him, anyway.

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