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But I also won't be able say for sure that a given child is not my offspring. The tag on the door is more prosaic, and only says 'donor room'. How many kids can you father?

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The sun, from the top right of the frame, is directing at her beams of golden light that, on closer inspection, turn out to be a veritable golden army of squiggly little sperms, millions of them, racing each other to engulf her in a tan of supreme fertility. I'll treat every child as if it's my own. What motivates the donor is a more difficult question to answer. A female torso, with all but the relevant parts amputated.

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Right now, because of the summer vacation, there aren't too many students. On a table are back issues of Gladrags magazine. Beneath all the luscious women, positioned strategically to one side of the room, is the ultra-comfortable PUF foam bed where the 'manufacturing process' is meant to take place. A combination of factors -- social stigma attached to childlessness, the cumbersome formalities in adoption, and the fact that it is comparatively cheap to use donor sperm process costs Rs2,500-Rs3,000 have ensured that sperm banking will remain a growth industry for a long time to come.

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For some, like Pawar, it's the money. Once the colleges start, I'll get more donors. In the 'masturbatorium' The masturbatorium is to masturbation what the auditorium is to the audience:

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Pre-ban sperm oil selling legal
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